Training and certifications

The innovation potential of JuliaSoft software verification solutions requires a network of professionals and partners with high expertise and professionalism.

For this reason we have designed a specific training and certification program with the methodological support of Edulife SpA, currently qualifying two distinct profiles:

Julia Certified Sales Consultant is the certification that qualifies the commercial figures of the Partner companies for the promotion and marketing of Julia solutions. It is also a useful introduction for the technical figures before proceeding to the next level.
Julia Certified Professional qualifies technical figures in the correct use of the analyzer and provides them with the underlying theoretical and technical details. This certification is designed for professionals who intend to use or to provide consulting services with Julia solutions.
An online learning and certification system "Julia Training & Certification" has been set up to enable easy access to the required knowledge and skills and the relevant certification.
For each of the profiles, it features an innovative online training environment and a test-based certification system.
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