Quick and easy to activate

To start using Julia online, just follow these steps:
2) Install the Eclipse plugin
3) Launch your analysis (the first 10,000 credits are free!)
4) To continue analyzing, purchase credits
10K credits for free!

Service costs

In order to access service, you must create a free user account which requires the provision of some personal data. The first time you register you can perform a trial analysis free of charge for a maximum of 10,000 credits. 
After the free trial you can purchase credits in order to perform further analyses using a valid credit card. There are four options:
3,500   Credits     €100
15,000 Credits     €300
27,500 Credits     €500
57,000 Credits     €1000

The are no fixed fees, minimum monthly consumption or other hidden costs: you only pay the code you analyze.
As for the calculation of Lines of Code, we only consider the actual code (no comment lines etc). The libraries can be included in the analysis in order to aid the analyzer to be more precise in its work, but they are not counted in the price. For the first run of analysis of an application the charge applied is full (Analysis Cost + Run Cost). For the subsequent runs of analysis of the same application only the cost for run is applied, unless the code has been significantly varied.

Currently the rates per LOC are:
Analysis Cost = 1 credit
Run Cost = 0.25 credits
For detailed definition of the quantification of the code, and its variation, please read our Customer Agreement.
User manuals and tutorials are available in Technical Documentation.

Enterprise model

If you need to allow multiple users of the same organization to operate the service you can switch to the Enterprise Model. This allows you to create other accounts and assign different roles to the users.

For the activation of each new user account in the Enterprise Model the client will be charged a una tantum fee of 15,000 Credits. Analyses performed by all users of the same organization will be charged from the same billing account.
In the Enterprise Model, the analysis results can be shared between all the users, i.e. one of them launches and pays for the analysis, receives the results, and can send this result file to other users to allow them to navigate the warnings.
The user statistics and all other information on past analyses can be consulted using the web console.

To switch to the Enterprise Model contact us.