Julia analyzer

Julia is the most innovative and powerful static analyser for Java code and Java bytecode. It is based on the scientific technique of abstract interpretation which ensures the accuracy and the reliability of its results.
Unlike competing technologies based on syntactic pattern-matching techniques that can be easily bypassed, Julia interprets the code semantically and ensures the identification of all errors in the categories covered by the analysis. Julia can be used on premises or in cloud as-a-service.

Software verification service

The synergy between the use of our analysis tools and the experience gained over time results in a set of highly professional consulting services.
Thanks to the innovative technology of the analyzer and our internal development team, we are able to implement new types of analysis to meet the specific needs of each client.

Partnerships and certification

Our Certified Partner Program allows partner organizations to integrate their offering with a range of highly professional and strategic products and services to meet the growing market demand for software quality and security solutions.
Our Training and Certification System, available both online and in classroom, guarantees the participants a high level of specialization and the acquisition of unique skills.


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